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10 Beautiful Places To Enjoy With Your Kids In India

There are some places in our beautiful country which should not be missed, since they are all ideal kid-friendly vacation spots!Traveling definitely brings a family closer, in terms of rest, rejuvenation, bonding and wisdom. Children must be pampered and educated with sufficient travelling to enhance themselves with the pleasures of travelling, adventures and exploring the serenity alike. So no wonder you are now looking at best places to travel with kids in India, to visit as a family!

1. Kashmir:Kashmir, as boasted a zillion times, is exactly akin to the dreamy lofty heavens clad in silver snow. Stay in a houseboat in the Dal lake, to go back in India and feel like royalty. The cable car ride of Gulmarg is exceptionally overwhelming an experience from the Apparawath and Kondoori Peaks, for kids. Pahalgam is another great experience of river rafting and angling for kids to have an immemorial family vacation experience.

2. Himachal Pradesh:The major attraction of Himachal Pradesh is not just one hill station, temple or peak but the route, weather and the air itself. The Delhi-Manali route is scenic – that the drive itself could be an exceptionally rejuvenating experience. Renting skis, and consuming the pristine snowy clad celestial roads of Rohtang Pass can be exhausting but more than worthy. Shimla, on the other hand, is urban and beautiful during the summers with his major attractions like Jakhu Temple, Kali Bari Temple and the shopping attractions.

3. Orissa:The Golden Beach of Puri is a bewitching sight of golden-coated beach at twilight, and also provides with adventurous sports like surfing, fishing and other beach activities. Chilka Lake is a boon for avid bird-watchers, as the lake ensures flocks of a zillion migratory birds in and around the largest lagoon of salt water in Asia. Lord Jagannath Temple can never be missed by a tourist, as it dominates the skyline with Herculean pride.

4. Darjeeling: Darjeeling is one of the best places to visit with kids especially in summer. The Queen of Hills in India has one of the most beautiful sunrises if you trek to the Tiger Hill Peak early in the morning. The toy train ride is actually is a 70 km train ride between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling, which your kids will love! Darjeeling also boasts of other prominent attractions like the Botanical Garden, Red Panda Breeding Farm, Dhirdham Temple, Shrubbery Park, Himalayan Zoo and Japanese Peace Pagoda.

5. Mussoorie:Station at an elevation of 2000m, Mussorie guarantees the fun and frolic to the fullest. The gorgeous fairyland equivalent experience is enhanced by its greener green carpets and brighter flora and fauna. The Kempty falls provides an extra-ordinary god-like experience of bathing under the gorgeous waterfalls. Cloud End is another spectacular place to visit, while Lal Tibba also should not be missed.

6. Nainital:Nainital is another best place for kids. The glitz and glamour of the graciously lit evening sun and the gorgeous twilight along the ridges of the lake defines the beauty of Nainital. Boating, shopping at the Tibetan Market, Snow view, China and Tiffin Peak, Sattal, Bheemtal, Khurpatal and Naina Devi Temple are also the best places for kids that cannot be missed.

7. Ranikhet:Stretched out quite closer to Nainital is Ranikhet, at a 63 km distance. It is a peaceful and scenic attraction that enwraps Chaubatia Garden. It is weaved over 275 acres and is one of the most extensive and beautiful orchards. Mankeshwar Temple, Bhalu Dam, Tari Khet and Sayali Khet are also some must-visit places.

8. Ooty: Rightly titled the ‘Queen of Hills’ in South India. Ooty guarantees a complete family experience in the Deer Park, Lake Park, Botanical Garden, Pykara Lake, Kalhatty Falls and Pykara Waterfalls. Knitted in the ambiance and beauty of Western Ghats, Ooty also guarantees fishing, boating and horse riding experience.

9. Wayanad: Wayanad weaves its beautiful hills, ambient weather and umpteen lakes and waterfalls with an exceptional fervor of God’s Own Country. Be it the hour-long amazing trekking experience into the Edakkal caves or the rejuvenating bath under the Soochippara Waterfalls, Wayanad fills you with an exemplifying delight with the Pookot Lake, Thirunelly Temple, and Pazhassi Raja Tomb.

10. Cochin:Another perfect summer spot for your child is the Veegaland situated near Cochin, that claims to be Asia’s best amusement park with a zillion water rides and ground rides. You can stay nearby, or you can stay in Cochin, the quaint town-city in Kerala has picturesque guesthouses and houseboats for all budgets. Your kids will have fun cruising the backwaters!

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Top 10 Most Remote Places in the World

Thanks to modern technology and air travel, the world is forever becoming a smaller place. Where journeys from one continent to another once took months, they now take hours, and sometimes it seems like there is nowhere left for a would-be adventurer to really get away from it all. Still, if you have the time, money, and know-how, there are still some places off the map—or just barely on it—that remain shrouded in mystery simply by virtue of being really difficult to reach. Whether mining camps at the top of the world, or tiny islands thousands of miles from civilization, the following are the top 10 most remote places left on planet Earth.

10. Easter Island

9. La Rinconada, Peru

8. McMurdo Station, Antarctica

7. Cape York Peninsula, Australia

6. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

5. Kerguelen Islands

4. Pitcairn Island

3. Alert, Nunavut, Canada

2. Motuo County, China

1.Tristan da Cunha










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